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Working Group on Public Education and Marketing

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It is evident that there is still work to do in the market and with the public more broadly, regarding understanding our fisheries for Toothfish (aka Chilean seabass).

The growing number of MSC certified toothfish fisheries, which now stands at about 60% of global catch, has allowed COLTO to inform a number of Seafood Choosers of the positive turnaround in toothfish fisheries, which has led to many changing their status or ratings from a negative to positive viewpoint.  Similarly, the independent review by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, which at the time, rated over 65% of global catch as either ‘Best Choice’, or ‘Good Alternative’, has helped validate the increasingly sustainable nature of our fisheries.

While this has been positive to date, with almost all Seafood Choosers now broadcasting accurate information, there are still everyday consumers who believe toothfish is either endangered or the fisheries are not sustainable.

With this in mind, the Working Group will aim to:

  1. Work with the WG on Science Collaboration to develop an easily understandable presentation of the scientific work behind the sustainability of Toothfish;
  2. Work on finding most effective and economic ways to reach restaurant and retail operators with this message;
  3. Work on finding most effective and economic ways to reach the individual consumers of Toothfish in the USA with this message; and
  4. Draft a budget and plan of action to present to COLTO members at the next General Meeting on 26 October, 2015, to gain the financial support needed for the project.

Possibilities of marketing material may include the COLTO toothfish cookbook (project already underway), which will showcase recipes from a range of chefs from around the world that use toothfish in their restaurants.


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