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BirdLife International, 1 December 2006 – Albatross deaths prompt action from New Zealand
“…The New Zealand government is considering imposing a temporary ban on surface longline fishing in the Kermadec Islands after a fishing vessel was reported to have killed 51 albatrosses in a single trip. Conservationists hope the ban will give the government time to implement mitigation techniques in the fishery, to reduce levels of seabird bycatch. …”

Lawfuel, New Zealand, 13 November 2006 – Uruguayan Company and Corporate Exec Plead Guilty -US Attorney Media Release
“…According to records in the case, the government seized more than 53,000 pounds of toothfish, valued at wholesale prices of $314,397.30, which arrived in Miami aboard a cargo vessel from the CARRAN catch. This is the first successful federal felony prosecution in the United States for activities involving illegal importation and sale of toothfish. A total of 11 cargo containers of toothfish, with an approximate wholesale value of $3.5 million, from the F/V CARRAN catch was shipped on three separate vessels as part of the effort to import the illegal fish into the United States….”

The Florida Times-Union, USA, 13 November 2006 – Spanish businessman pleads guilty in illegal Chilean seabass case
“…After entering his guilty plea, Antonio Vidal Pego was placed on four years’ probation and fined $400,000, and he agreed to have no further involvement with the Chilean seabass business. An Uruguayan company associated with Vidal, Fadilur S.A., also agreed to plead guilty to an obstruction charge and will pay a $100,000 fine, its attorney said… Vidal and the Montevideo-based company pleaded guilty only to the obstruction count, which involved falsification of U.S. fisheries documents in an attempt to interfere with the federal investigation. Three other charges were dismissed…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 9 November 2006 – Certified toothfish gradually returning to posh New York
“…Kim Guynn, an import control officer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a division of the Department of Commerce, which monitors seafood imports into the United States, said that very few illegal fish were coming in to the US now. “The documentation necessary to bring in the fish has been strengthened,” she said. “We have the tightest controls of any country in the world. We have seized illegal shipments worth millions of dollars. We’ve taken away the financial incentive and the word is out that it isn’t worth it. ”…”

The New York Times, USA, 8 November 2006 – Some Chilean Sea Bass is Labelled Sustainable
“…Since last month, shoppers browsing the seafood counter at Whole Foods markets nationwide have been greeted by banners proclaiming: “Welcome back Chilean sea bass!”…“The response has been incredible,” said David Pilat, the national seafood coordinator for Whole Foods Markets. “Consumers have been pleased to be able to buy it again, and that there is a good resource.”…”

MEDIA RELEASE, Australian Government, 7 November 2006 – Success in combating illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean
“…nations agreed to a binding Conservation Measure placing an interim prohibition on deep-sea gill-netting in the CCAMLR Convention Area, stronger port controls and improvements to the Patagonian toothfish Catch Documentation Scheme…Senator Campbell said that the Commission also agreed to stronger cooperation with nations that are not members of CCAMLR to ensure that fish pirates cannot unload their illegal catches, such as Patagonian toothfish…”, United Kingdom, 7 November 2006 – Retailers must act responsibly says Prince of Wales
“…During an exclusive interview for TVE’s Earth Report series, The Prince of Wales makes a passionate call for a worldwide effort to save the world’s endangered albatrosses from extinction. He calls on retailers to obtain their fish only from certified stocks…”

ABC Online, Australia, 28 September 2006 – NT fishermen reach buyout deal
“…Australia’s patagonian tooth fishermen have rejected calls to close down the fishery.  This week, two illegal fishermen were fined more than $100,000 for poaching. The Australian Conservation Foundation says the penalty is no deterrent and a worldwide ban on the sale of the toothfish would be more effective…”, 28 September 2006 – Albatross faces extinction in South Atlantic, say wildlife groups
“…But man is having a devastating impact too. Unregulated long-line fishing for tuna and the Patagonian toothfish results in the death of vast numbers of birds each year. Many become ensnared on baited hooks hung from 128km-long lines behind boats…”

ABC Online, Australia, 27 September 2006 – NT fishermen reach buyout deal
“…Do you stop exporting sheep because someone’s duffing sheep, that’s the principle and like I said there’s very strong catch documentation which follows all toothfish products around the world, some countries won’t import the product unless they’ve got absolute proof this fish has been taken legally and been taken responsibly…”

ABC Radio, Australia, 27 September 2006 – Conservationists want ban on Patagonian Toothfish fishing
“…For years now it’s been clear that it’s not possible to effectively police this fishery. We’re talking about a ban, it doesn’t have to be permanent, but it really does need, we do need some sort of a moratorium in order for the fishery to get its act together and for the countries responsible for management of the fishery to prove that this fishery can be managed effectively and that the product only comes from legal sources. At the moment that’s simply not possible…”

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 27 September 2006 – Toothfish poachers unlikely to pay fines
“…Since the Taruman, their Cambodian-flagged boat equipped with a fish factory and freezing facilities, was apprehended near Macquarie Island last September, no illegal fishing had been detected in the Southern Ocean…”

The Australian, Australia, 27 September 2006 – Judge apologises as he ‘fines’ illegal fishermen
“…despite acknowledging earlier this week that there was no “practical way of enforcing the fine” if the men decided to leave the country within 28 days, Judge Norrish apologised to them for their year-long detainment in Australia…”

BYM News, Spain, 26 September 2006 – USA Antarctic Chilean Sea Bass fisheries receives Marine Stewardship Council
“…Whole Foods Market and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are pleased to announce that the supermarket is the first retailer to offer Patagonian toothfish, commonly known as Chilean sea bass, from an Antarctic fishery that has been certified to the MSC’s environmental standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries…”

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, 26 September 2006 – Fishermen fined for catching toothfish
“…Two Spanish fisherman have been fined for illegally fishing endangered Patagonian toothfish in Australian waters in the Southern Ocean last year…In the District Court in Sydney today, Judge Stephen Norrish fined the two men $65,000 and $53,000 respectively, although the maximum penalties under the law were a fine of $1.375 million…”

The Australian, Australia, 26 September 2006 – Poachers fine flaw
“…Spanish nationals Alfonso Dacruz Amoedo and Enrique Dominguez were convicted last week on charges of breaching the Australian Fisheries Management Act after their ship, the FV Taruman, was caught last year illegally fishing for toothfish in southern waters. NSW District Court judge Stephen Norrish was told yesterday the men – who are likely to receive fines – could not be held in custody until they have paid. Instead, they were likely to be given bridging visas and allowed to leave Australia, the court heard…”

China Post, Taiwan, 24 September 2006 – Australia welcomes conviction of poachers
“…The Taruman was carrying 143 tonnes of Patagonian toothfish, also known as Chilean sea bass, when it was boarded south of Tasmania in September last year. The catch was sold this month for A$1.5 million…”

BirdLife International, 22 September 2006 – Toothfish back on the menu
“…Patagonian toothfish—also known as Chilean sea bass—is back on the menu, provided it comes from South Georgia, whose longline fishery has met the tough standards required to become certified as a sustainable and well-managed fishery by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The certificate has been awarded to the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands…”

The Age, Australia, 12 September 2006 – Greens seek US help in toothfish fight
“…Conservation groups have petitioned the United States to impose sanctions against Spain over illegal and harmful fishing practices involving the Patagonian toothfish in Antarctic waters. The Humane Society International (HSI) and the WWF have accused rogue Spanish operators of illegally plundering the increasingly overfished but valuable toothfish and killing thousands of seabirds in the process…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 31 August 2006 – Australia, France to sign Southern Ocean fishing treaty
“…McGauran said the treaty would allow a French vessel to apprehend an illegal fishing boat caught in Australian waters, and vice versa…”

USA Today, USA, 25 July 2006 – ‘A beginning’ for conservation
“…commercial fishing groups, faced with the prospect of restrictions and closures, added their voices to the fray. “When this process started, it was very contentious and polarized,” says David Benton, executive director of the Marine Conservation Alliance, a commercial fishing advocacy group. “But we ended up with practical, working solutions. Industry recognized we had to step up to the plate and do the responsible thing.”…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 29 June 2006 – Spanish magnate faces US trial for illegal toothfish trade
“…Vidal pleaded innocent in April to charges he conspired to import and sell illegally caught Chilean sea bass. His lawyer, Milton Hirsch, says his client has nothing to do with the alleged illegality of the fish catch and received news of the problem sitting in Spain. ‘I so seldom get to represent people this innocent,’ Hirsch said…”

Environment News Service, 20 June 2006 – Argentine company penalised $335,000 for Chilean Sea Bass trafficking
“…Estremar SA, an Argentine company formerly known as ASC South America SA, admitted that in March 2002, it knowingly imported into the United States and attempted to sell over 30,000 pounds of Patagonian toothfish. The company admitted that it reasonably should have known that the toothfish had been harvested and transported in  violation of federal law because the amount imported was in excess of the amount it could legally import with the documentation accompanying the shipment…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 20 June 2006 – Argentine fishing company pleads guilty
“…Estremar SA, an Argentine company formerly known as ASC South America SA, last week pleaded guilty to violating federal anti-fish and wildlife trafficking law by importing and attempting to sell Patagonian toothfish, often marketed by the trade name Chilean seabass, without the documentation required to show it was legally harvested…”

International Herald Tribune, France, 22 May 2006 – Philip Bowring : Lessons of the Patagonian Toothfish
“…Saving the whale and defending the dolphin have, albeit belatedly, become causes for their fellow mammals. But who will save the humphead wrasse, the orange roughy, the leopard grouper and numerous other species from overfishing by interests with regulators in their pocket or by pirates abetted by complacent governments …Alas, until the rich can be persuaded to attach as much emotional importance to the wrasse as to the whale, and poorer ones to take depletion seriously, nothing is likely to change – at least until there are no more fish to fish…” 

MercoPress, Uruguay, 18 May 2006 – Uruguay imposes strict controls on foreign flagged fishing vessels
“…The increased controls and inspections which had already been intensified … will become effective on all fishing fleets operating from Montevideo including jiggers, trawlers and longliners. One of the requirements foreign vessels with  catches to unload must comply with, is mandatory notification to Uruguay’s fisheries authorities at least 48 hours before their arrival in Montevideo…The measures … have caused certain unease among local agents and operators…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 4 May 2006 – Spanish vessel owner facing 35-year jail term in US
“…A Spanish fishing vessel owner charged with illegally importing over 26,000 kilos of Chilean sea-bass or Patagonian toothfish pleaded not guilty Thursday in his first appearance in a United States Florida court. A federal judge set bond at half a million US dollars for Spanish citizen Antonio Vidal Pego. He was indicted along with the Uruguayan company Fadilur SA by a US grand jury last September. Vidal owns a large commercial fishing fleet…”, USA, 4 May 2006 – History of the Chilean Sea Bass market
“…The book and the article recount the harrowing 3 week, 4,000-mile pursuit of an illegal fishing boat through icebergs of the South Atlantic Ocean. The Viarsa, loaded with contraband Chilean Sea Bass, was eventually captured by an international team of ships…”

WebWire, Georgia, 4 May 2006 – Whole Foods Market continues commitment to seafood sustainability by offering  Marine Stewardship Council-Certified Halibut
“…The sustainable seafood movement is gathering momentum, and Whole Foods Market has been a longtime supporter of this trend and the MSC,” said Jim Humphreys, MSC’s Regional Director of the Americas. “Studies suggest that  consumers prefer sustainably caught seafood, and Whole Foods Market is offering fresh Pacific halibut at the peak of its season to satisfy that demand…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 3 May 2006 – New toothfish season begins in South Georgia
“…one of the exciting features of the new toothfish season, which had just begun, was that there was a vessel licensed to carry out some trials of pot fishing. Pot fishing, is a method of fishing for toothfish, which is considered very  environmentally friendly in that it involves no hooks and therefore brings with it no risk of incidental seabird mortality…”, 27 March 2006 – Greenpeace steps up fight on illegal fishing
” After allegedly witnessing fish being stolen from one of the poorest regions on the world, Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation, in cooperation with enforcement authorities from Guinea, are from today preparing to arrest pirate-fishing vessels that are laundering their cargo through European ports.”

ABC Asia Pacific, Australia, 5 March 2006 – Australia to allow fishing for toothfish
“A new management plan is giving fishing operators the chance to bid for the right to catch valuable toothfish in Australian waters. Australia’s Government has approved the plan to manage trawling around Macquarie Island…”

Dominican Today, Dominican Republic, 28 February 2006 – Make piracy history: Greenpeace
“Greenpeace and the Environmental Justice Foundation are working together to expose the pirate fishing fleets that operate without sanction across the globe. Together the international environment and human rights organizations are demanding that governments close ports to ban pirates, deny them access to markets and prosecute companies supporting them…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 26 February 2006 – Eight vessels permitted to target Patagonian Toothfish this year
“Argentina Federal Fishery Council (CFP) decided to preventively set a total allowable catch (TAC) of 2,500 tonnes for Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) this year…”

Online Opinion, Australia, 24 January 2006 – Tragedy of the oceans
“The vessel, the Viarsa, did not have its fishing gear in the water when it was spotted in August 2003 – although it did have 97 tonnes of the prized Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) aboard. Despite a determined effort by Australian authorities to crack down on illegal fishing, the verdict illustrates the difficulty of proving guilt in apparent fisheries violations…”

OneNews, New Zealand, 18 January 2006 – Orion makes ice landing
“The Air Force has landed an Orion aircraft in Antarctica for the first time in an attempt to find out whether surveillance patrols of the Southern Ocean can be extended…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 4 January 2006 – South Georgia Toothfish TAC increased for 2006 Season
“…The TAC (Total Allowable Catch) for Toothfish in the South Georgia Maritime Zone (SGMZ) has been increased by more than 15% for the coming Toothfish season, reports the South Georgia and South Sandwich government office…The increase in TAC is due largely to more accurate stock assessments using a tagging procedure…”

BYM News, Spain, 3 January 2006 – Southern Ocean patrol ship exposes Patagonian toothfishing in Antarctic
“…The armed Australian patrol ship Oceanic Viking has uncovered further evidence of fishing boats operating in  Antarctic waters…Senator Macdonald said the Oceanic Viking observed the nine vessels in the BANZARE Bank area, just outside Australia’s Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI) EEZ…”

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2005, New Zealand
, 16 December 2005 – Vessels sighted on Antarctic patrol flight
“…The P3K Orion aircraft, from 5 Squadron, returned on Thursday evening after its twelve hour flight to the edge of the Antarctic sea ice and back. A number of vessels were observed…”

Travel Daily News International, Greece, 8 December 2005 – Outcomes of the 2005 World Summit
“…Substantial increases in illegal fishing, tourism, bio-prospecting, climate change and depletion of the ozone layer continue to pose major challenges to the Antarctic, and governments should continue to make major efforts to secure  the area as a natural reserve, according to UN Secretary-General Mr Kofi Annan…”

The Changing Nature of High Seas Fishing:
How flags of convenience provide cover for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, October 2005. An independent report funded by Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, International Transport Workers’ Union, and WWF International

Ellsworth American, USA, 30 November 2005 – Congress considers new legislation to improve fisheries management
“…The legislation also aims at strengthening international compliance with fishery management and conservation regulations and reducing unreported fishing for seriously threatened species, such as the Patagonian toothfish — sold in high-end restaurants and fish markets as Chilean sea bass…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 23 November 2005 – European satellite protects toothfish in Kerguelen
“…The satellite has become a watchdog, monitoring the frigid waters, especially in the vicinity of the French Kerguelen Islands to impede illegal vessels from fishing Patagonian toothfish -or deep-sea cod-, a species protected by all international agreements…”

Falkland Island News Network, Falklands, 22 November 2005 – Falklands and South Georgia Set a Benchmark for Fisheries Management
“…It’s notable that this year we had a very good performance in terms of compliance at South Georgia and the relatively very low catches of birds that were made in the Long-line fishery for Toothfish and also the patrol fishery for Icefish…”

The Register, UK, 18 November 2005 – Satellite radar tracking sees off toothfish pirates
“The endangered Patagonian toothfish is getting a helping hand from Envisat, one of Europe’s research satellites. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), a radar monitoring scheme using data from Envisat and Radarsat-1 has reduced the illegal fishing in one region by around 90 per cent…”, New Zealand, 14 November 2005 – Report exposes fishing piracy
“…Fishing vessels using those flags – often purchased online for less than $1000 – are responsible for illegal fishing worth $1.7 billion a year, the report concludes. They also endanger the marine environment and treat their crews inhumanely, sometimes keeping them in chains while at sea…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 7 November 2005 – Acquitted “Viarsa 1”: Australia faces huge damage claims
“Australia faces a damages claim that could exceed ten million US dollars after five fishermen from the Uruguayan flagged longliner “Viarsa 1” were acquitted of charges over an alleged poaching of one million US dollars of Patagonian toothfish…”, Australia, 7 November 2005 – Jury sinks Canberra in Patagonian toothfish case
“…Despite Australia’s longest hot pursuit — a patrol ship chased the fishing boat Viarsa for 21 days — an apprehension involving three countries, and two trials in Perth, the Federal Government has been left empty-handed…”

Asia Africa Intelligence Wire, 7 November 2005 – Viarsa captain praises justice system
“For fishing boat captain Ricardo Mario Ribot Cabrera the world’s longest sea chase may have been his final voyage. But he’s far from bitter about the two-year illegal fishing case which has stranded him in Australia for the past two years. The 58-year-old Uruguayan and his four shipmates were cleared on Friday of poaching Australian fish stocks, ending a two-year legal battle that cost the Australian government millions of dollars.”…

AAP General News, 6 November 2005 – Fed govt should give Viarsa back, says lawyer for captain
“The federal government should hand back the impounded Uruguayan vessel Viarsa 1 after its captain and crew were found not guilty of illegal fishing, the captain’s lawyer says.”…

Ninemsn, Australia, 5 November 2005 – Viarsa captain praises justice system
“…A Perth District Court jury took just two and a half days to find the men – from Uruguay, Spain and Chile – not guilty of illegal fishing charges…”, UK, 1 November 2005 – Australian Foreign Minister calls for illegal fishing crackdown
” I think it’s fair to say that the greatest concern we have about the Antarctic convergence zone, the Antarctic region, at the moment, is illegal fishing…”

Daily Times, Pakistan, 31 October 2005 – Scientists draft blueprint to protect world’s oceans
“International scientists are mapping out a plan for a network of marine parks to save the world’s oceans from fish stock depletion and growing pollution…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 22 October 2005 – First steps for toothfish hatchery
“A global crackdown on fishing pirates is being ramped up from the new Hobart headquarters of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources…Proposals include having jail as a penalty for first offences and making countries whose flags are flown on plundering vessels be held accountable for the crimes committed with the ships…”

RIA Novosti, Russia, 10 October 2005 – Russian sailors released from Australian custody
“The six Russian sailors on the Cambodian-flagged Taruman vessel arrested near Australia for poaching were released Monday…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 7 October 2005 – Poacher Elqui sunk
“The trawler Elqui has been scuttled near Lively Island. After her arrest in March for illegal fishing for toothfish in South Georgia, she was forfeited to the Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) and the decision was made to sink the ship to prevent her being used for poaching in future…”

RIA Novosti, Russia, 5 October 2005 – Russian sailors suspected of poaching in Australia to return home
“Australian immigration authorities have granted six Russian sailors, detained in September on suspicion of poaching, permission to return home…The sailors were arrested September 6 on the Taruman trawler off the Australian coast. The vessel, sailing under the Cambodian flag, had a crew of 31…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 4 October 2005 – The long files of Antonio Vidal and Fadilur
“Spanish national Antonio Vidal Pego and the Uruguayan corporation Fadilur, recently indicted by a United States grand federal jury in Miami, the first case ever in the US for the sale of illegally possessed toothfish, as well as the longliner involved in the operation FN Carran, have long been identified in the COLTO site…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 3 October 2005 – Taruman crewmembers return October 12
“…the Australian government will not be pressing charges against any of the Chileans … Australian Fisheries  anagement Authority announced it was pressing charges for illegal fishing against the Master and Fishing Master of the Taruman…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 2 October 2005 -Taruman crewmembers return October 12
“The fourteen Chilean crewmembers retained in Australia following the arrest of Cambodian flagged longliner Taruman illegally catching toothfish in Australian waters should be returning in two weeks time…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 2 October 2005 – Survivors of sunken poached longliner begin legal demand
“Former crewmembers and relatives of victims who disappeared in the tragic sinking of longliner “Amur” in October 2000, are demanding former Punta Arenas Port Marine Officer for having allowed the vessel to leave in spite of its alleged poor safety and sailing conditions reports the local press…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 9 September 2005 – £40,000 fines for Quark /Freiremar
“In July Quark Fishing Ltd, a Falkland Islands company, and its Spanish partners Freiremar SA were found guilty of breaching licence conditions by exceeding quota in the valuable Patagonian toothfish fishery of South Georgia. The charge related to the use of the Spanish-flagged vessel, Ibsa Quinto…”

Scoop, New Zealand, 28 August 2005 – Fisheries: Some Frequently Asked Questions
“…Poachers and black-market fishing operations are the target of an $11.6 million crackdown over the next four years. This includes $2.9 million of operational funding this year to create a Special Tactics Team for covert operations. Ministry of Fisheries prosecutions have a high rate of success. The most recent statistics show the success rate for prosecutions is around 90 percent…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 24 June 2005 – Eleven charred in longliner “Simiez” tragedy
“Uruguayan officials confirmed Thursday they had found the charred remains of eleven crewmembers from a Ukrainian longliner that caught fire in the port of Montevideo…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 2 June 2005 – Australia denies granting fishing licence to Japanese company
“…the Japanese company has leased its portion of quota to Petuna Sealord Pty Ltd, a large national company fishing the Japanese rights to the fishery with a longliner, the Avro Chieftain, registered and flagged in Australia. Australian vessels are the only ones allowed to operate in the HIMI fishery…”

ABC Online, Australia, 13 May 2005 -Government to crack down on illegal fishing
“…What this whole situation shows is that the international law is really not sufficient for the criminal activities that we’re seeing on the water now. The international law works on a 500-year-old premise that the high seas are free to anyone who wants to use them…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 29 April 2005 – Legal submissions delay fishing verdict
“…In court this week, the Ibsa Quinto was alleged to have overfished during South Georgia’s 2004 season, exceeding her 300 tonne quota for Patagonian toothfish by approximately 10%”…

Innovations Report, Germany, 27 April 2005 – Task force to save the albatross wins backing of The Prince of Wales
“The RSPB and BirdLife International have been campaigning for many years to halt the slaughter of albatrosses and other seabirds in longline fisheries. They want to halt the relentless population declines by ensuring that all the world’s longline fishing fleets use mitigation measures to prevent seabirds being hooked and drowned. They are also  campaigning to eliminate pirate fishing vessels which are hindering international efforts to address the problem.”…, 20 April 2005 – Elque: A Brief Court Report
“…The trial of fishing vessel the ELQUE began this morning. Owners of the vessel, Geneagles Corporation, and Master Christian Henricas Vagas have pleaded not guilty for permitting the ELQUE to be used for fishing without a licence. Richard Marlor, who had acted as defence council for Geneagles in previous court appearances relating to the matter withdrew from the case this morning as he hadn’t received instructions from the owners, saying he felt unable to act any further”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 19 April 2005 – Poacher caught in South Georgia must pay £300,000
“…Senior Magistrate Claude Faulds sentenced that the owners of long-liner “Elqui” Geneagles Corporation be fined £ 125,000 for fishing without a licence in South Georgia waters. Owners will have to pay another £ 62,500 for failing to notify the Grytviken Marine Officer prior to entry to South Georgia waters and a similar amount for permitting the “Elqui” to carry an un-stowed fishing line and gear aboard without a licence.”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 30 March 2005 – South Georgia Fishing Licences Announcement
“…The reduction in the number of licenses issued by comparison with 2004 follows a significant reduction in the TAC awarded by CCAMLR. Four licences have been awarded to UK and UK Overseas Territories registered vessels and four to other nationalities. The nationalities of the latter vessels are Chilean (2), Spanish (1) and South African (1)”…, New Zealand, 17 March 2005 – Public views sought on future of Ross Sea
“A future Ross Sea management framework might include marine protection and sustainably managed harvesting. New Zealand management regime proposals would have to be agreed by other CCAMLR members.”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 15 March 2005 – “Elqui” charged with illegal fishing
“The Falkland Islands Court in Stanley informed Tuesday the owners and master of the detained longliner “Elqui”, allegedly surprised poaching in South Georgia’s waters that they face three charges each for permitting the vessel to fish without a licence.”…, New Zealand, 14 March 2005 – Benson-Pope Speech to UN Food-Ag Meeting
“But we see very clearly that it is not enough for one nation – any nation – to be concerned solely with keeping its own house in order… The oceans are a global resource, and IUU fishing harms all of us. It undermines legal fishing operations, compromises the safety of the global fishing fleet, and abuses marine resources.”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 9 March 2005 – New Uruguayan administration committed to combat IUU fishing
“He replaces controversial Captain Yamandu Flangini who was summoned several times to Uruguay’s Congress to report on alleged poaching incidents involving Uruguayan flagged longliners.”…

Environmental News Service, 9 March 2005 – World fisheries managers let seabirds perish on longlines
“…Forest and Bird is asking the New Zealand government to remove this double standard and adopt the CCAMLR requirements as minimum mandatory measures within the National Plan of Action for Reducing Seabird By-catch”…, New Zealand, 8 March 2005 – Australia reels over fish poachers
“An Australian delegation is heading to Europe to push for a law change which would allow tougher policing of fish poachers in the Southern Ocean”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 7 March 2005 – Suspect longliner escorted into Stanley harbour
“The longliner “Elqui” is being investigated by South Georgia Fisheries officials on suspicion of toothfish poaching… The South Georgia toothfish season does not begin until May 1st, so there are no vessels currently licenced to be fishing in the zone.”…, New Zealand, 8 March 2005 – New Zealand part of regional fisheries organisation failing to safeguard the world’s albatrosses

“In BirdLife’s review the RFMOs are measured against their duties, as required by international law. Only one of the 19 organisations, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), which New Zealand is also a member of, is taking a wide range of actions to tackle bycatch in Antarctic waters.”…

ABC Online, Australia, 4 March 2005 – Australia keeps an eye on Patagonian toothfish poachers

“Deep in the southern ocean Australia’s armed fisheries patrol vessel, Oceanic Viking, is tracking six boats suspected of poaching Patagonian toothfish. The ships are flagged to the tiny west African nation of Togo and to the former Soviet Union republic of Georgia”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 25 January 2005 – Australia’s South Seas fisheries “expansionist attitude”
“Uruguay’s head of the Fisheries Department Captain Yamandu Flangini warned about the “expansionist attitudes” behind developed countries maritime policies which could lead to serious limiting of fisheries activities and recalled that two Uruguayan longliners have already suffered the consequences of this initiative”…, New Zealand, 20 January 2005 – Antarctic fishing patrol flight completed
“…A number of vessels were sighted. The observations from the patrol will be carefully analysed, and any possible violations of CCAMLR Conservation Measures will be reported to the Secretariat and to the Flag State concerned”…

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MercoPress, Uruguay, 18 November 2004 – Last three “Maya V” crewmembers fined and deported
“Three Uruguayan crewmembers from the longliner “Maya V”, caught illegally fishing, and who had pleaded not guilty were sentenced Wednesday … to pay a 750 US dollars fine plus 350 US dollars prosecution costs.”…, Faulkland Islands, 17 November 2004 – Poaching Vessels :CCAMLR Clamps Down
“You all remember that epic chase last year when an Australian fisheries patrol pursued Toothfish poachers across the Southern Ocean and cornered them with the help of vessels from the Falklands and South Africa – a vivid example of the determination amongst CCAMLR Members to tackle illegal fishing – one of the main issues on the agenda at their recent meeting in Hobart”…

Fish update, United Kingdom, 11 November 2004 – Drop in illegal fishing, watchdog says
Scientists have released new data showing a dramatic decrease in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing for Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish, species commonly marketed in the United States as Chilean sea bass…”

Common Dreams, U.S.A., 11 November 2004 – Sierra Club to Honour Antarctica Activist
James Barnes is the founder of The Antarctica Project (TAP), a non-governmental organization which works to protect the biological diversity and the wilderness of Antarctica, and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)…”

The Age, Australia, 3 November 2004 – Fish pirates using fear, corruption: Govt
“One of the great challenges in our battle against illegal fishers is the handful of countries which through fear or corruption or a combination of both willingly harbour these criminals…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 27 October 2004 – Australia wants a crackdown on Antarctic fisheries plundering
“Australia will pressure Antarctic Treaty nations to support a crackdown on pirate fishing vessels plundering depleted Southern Ocean fisheries…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 25 October 2004 – Antarctic fisheries TAC will be decided in Tasmania this week
“The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) is meeting in Hobart to discuss each of the Southern Ocean fisheries and set the coming year’s allowances…”

The Age, Australia, 22 October 2004 – Antarctic conference looks at poaching
“CCAMLR continues to address the serious issue of IUU fishing through its scheme to monitor global toothfish trade.”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 6 October 2004 – Argentine ban on Patagonian Toothfish catch
“Argentina’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretary implemented a ban on Patagonian toothfish in Argentinean waters from September 29 to December 31. The decision follows the completion of total allowable catch…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 6 September 2004 – South Georgia toothfish inspections went “smoothly”
…the island’s toothfish season had run smoothly despite some early reluctance by a small number of fishing companies to have catches inspected…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 2 September 2004 – Argentina rejects softening toothfish restrictions
The Argentine Federal Fisheries Council rejected a request submitted by the company Pescapuerta to do away with limits on Patagonian toothfish catches in Argentine waters…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 25 August 2004 – Satellite control system in Tierra del Fuego
Argentine Tierra del Fuego provincial government announced last week the launching of a new satellite monitoring programme to facilitate enhanced control of illegal fishing activities…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 5 August 2004 – Australia, New Zealand and US allied to fight illegal fishing
“Australia is helping to lead the way with a new approach to combat illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean through the adoption of a centralized Vessel Monitoring System (cams)“…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 30 July 2004 – Argentina cuts drastically toothfish catches
“…The Argentine Federal Fisheries Council established a maximum authorized catch of 2,500 tons for Patagonian toothfish, a 40% drastic cut over the 4,800 tons of last year…”

MercoPress, Uruguay, 8 July 2004 – Fish confiscated
“…NINETEEN tonnes of toothfish have been confiscated from Spanish longliner Ibsa Quinto after she was discovered by the Government of South Georgia to have exceeded her licence limit“…

Independent Online, South Africa, 6 July 2004 – Official tells of high seas drama
“…The captain, vessel owner and fishing company have been charged with illegal fishing in France’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone around KerguelenFines for illegal toothfish poaching run into millions of euros”…

La Voz de Galicia, 6 de Julio de 2004 – Francia admite pruebas de ADN para saber dónde pescó el «Apache»
“Las autoridades galas retienen al capitán uruguayo y dejan libre al patrón de pesca gallego. Un laboratorio español analizará las muestras de merluza negra que se tomarán ante notario”…
La Voz de Galicia, 1 de Julio de 2004 – «Piratas son eles, que abordan a tiros un barco en augas libres»
“Antonio Vidal, para os pescadores legais o pirata máis activo do Índico, defende que o seu barco foi apresado ilegalmente e afirma que loitará ata o final para demostralo”…

China View, Xinhua Online, 29 June 2004 – New Zealand takes action to combat illegal fishing
“…New Zealand’s plan to eliminate IUU fishing contains measures targeted specifically at addressing issues relating to the trade in illegally caught seafood products“…, New Zealand, 21 June 2004 – Albatross Voyage Ends – Next Step World Campaign
 …above all it’s a wake-up call to crack down on pirate fishing before albatrosses and other seabirds vanish from the planet.“…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 7 June 2004 – Toothfish and Antarctic fish research
“Research which could help combat toothfish poaching is being carried out by a team of scientists who visited the Falkland Islands last week“…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 20 May 2004 – Automatic forfeiture for “Maya V” in Australia
“Owners of the Uruguayan-flagged deep ocean fishing “Maya V” have not sued against the capture of their ship by Australian authorities, forfeiting the boat to the fisheries management authority without contest.“…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 18 May 2004 – Chilean Fisherman Free to Return Home
“A third application to the Supreme Court of Western Australia has seen a Chilean fisherman arrested aboard the Viarsa I allowed to return home before he faces trial in October.”…, UK, 23 April 2004 – FRANCE: Experts gather to discuss global fishing problem
an international workshop heard estimates that illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing accounts for up to 30% of total catches worldwide…this is a serious problem, delegates said…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 21 April 2004 – Viarsa 1 Officers Launch New Bid to Leave Australia
…Mr Laskaris said Navalmar considered it had invested time and money in the defense of the men, and bail of $AUD 20,000, and gave the first indication that Navalmar was sticking to its guns regarding how much pull Australian law could have against International law for offences committed inside an Exclusive Economic Zone…

MercoPress, Uruguay, 20 April 2004 – Spain’s strong ties with illegal fishing
OCEANA announced that Spain is one of the countries with strongest ties and interests in fishing vessels which operate

MercoPress, Uruguay, 20 April 2004 – “Maya V” haul attracts buyers interest

MercoPress, Uruguay, April 8, 2004 – “Australian armed patrol capability in Southern Seas”
Australia will be protecting her interests in the Southern Ocean with a permanent armed patrol capability beginning next July…

MercoPress, Uruguay, April 5, 2004 – “Maya V crewmembers back in Punta Arenas”

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 30, 2004 – “Australia to sell toothfish on board Maya V”
…The catch seized from the vessel, which includes 191 tonnes of Patagonian toothfish, as well as 64 tonnes of bait, will now be sold by tender, and is estimated to be worth around AUD 2.4 million ( around USD 1.9 million)…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 25, 2004 – “Uruguay drafting new fisheries laws”
…Licenced companies will be monitored by a state-of-the-art global positioning system (GPS) to be issued to onboard observers so as to corroborate the vessels position independent of the vessel’s own monitoring system…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 17, 2004 – “Maya V observer “dumped computer into the sea””
…the Fisheries Department observer aboard the longliner “Maya V” dumped his “technical reports and computer to the sea” before been arrested for allegedly fishing in Australian waters…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 17, 2004 – “Sustainability award for South Georgia toothfish fishery”
The certification process was carried out over a four-year period with assessments by three separate teams of fisheries and environmental experts ..

Environmental Media Services, United States, March 17, 2004 – “South Georgia Patagonian Toothfish Assessment”
…the debate now focuses on the paramount importance of guaranteeing proper traceability of this small certified stock to ensure the MSC logo is applied only to certified, legally caught fish…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 15, 2004 – “Maya V: scientific observers union blame Captain Flangini”
Observers and scientists from the Uruguayan Fisheries Department, (DINARA), claim that most of the problems encountered by Uruguayan flagged vessels allegedly caught illegally fishing can be tracked to recent resolutions degrading technical conditions for the naming and selection of observers…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 11, 2004 – “Maya V “observer” loved shooting sea birds”
Serious accusations were aired in the Montevideo press against the Uruguayan Fisheries Department observer of the longliner “Maya V”…, South Africa, March 4, 2004 – “Fishing boss to pay millions for poaching”
Former Cape Town fishing company boss Arnold Bengis has pleaded guilty in the United States to massive poaching and smuggling, and has agreed to forfeit millions of dollars…

MercoPress, Uruguay, March 1, 2004 – “Another toothfish poacher?”
Juan Carlos Cardenas from Ecoocéanos … said in Galicia that the “Massai” most probably is linked to the international ring that illegally catches toothfish in the South Seas and Antarctic waters…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 26, 2004 – “The government is confident it can revindicate the Uruguayan flag internationally”
International incidents involving Uruguayan flagged vessels…leaves only four of the original ten Uruguayan deep-sea vessels operating outside their jurisdiction …

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 26, 2004 – “Maya V Crew Out of Jail”

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 25, 2004 – “Viarsa 1 Owners Sue Australian Government”
Owners of the Viarsa 1 have alleged the boarding of their ship was unlawful…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 18, 2004 – “Maya V: Uruguay and Australia hold talks”, Falkland Islands, February 13, 2004 – “Fishers Challenge Australian Sovereignty – Commonwealth”
…Incursions by fishermen into the Australian Fishing Zone was seen as a challenge to Australian sovereignty…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 13, 2004 – “Flangini: “toothfish fishing not restricted””
…Captain Flangini insisted that the “Maya V” was licenced by the Uruguayan government to operate in the high seas with toothfish, “a non restricted species”…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 13, 2004 – “Crew of Maya V formally charged”
Thirty-five foreign nationals have been formally charged with illegal fishing…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 9, 2004 – “Montevideo harbours 17 IUU long-liners”
… “mafias” of Spanish, Chilean and Russian origin that trade particularly with the valuable Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish have chosen Montevideo as a base for their activities…

The Age Newspaper, Australia, February 5, 2004 – “Howard learns of the danger in hunting poachers”
After another illegal vessel, the Maya V, of Uruguay, was impounded 150 tonnes of toothfish were sold and at $34 a kilogram customs is on to a nice little earner for the Federal Government…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 4, 2004 – “COLTO claims Maya V, Viarsa1 link”
Uruguayan flagged longliner “Maya V” … is under bareboat charter to Navalmar S.A. in Uruguay, the same company that chartered the “Viarsa1” another Uruguayan flagged longliner … according to COLTO…

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 3, 2004 – “Uruguay questions Australian EEZ in remote islands”

MercoPress, Uruguay, February 3, 2004 – “Australia investigating ‘Maya V’ catch”

The Age Newspaper, Australia, February 2, 2004 – “Illegal fishing boat in Fremantle”
The Maya V is allegedly carrying more than 150 tonnes of  Patagonian toothfish …, Falkland Islands, January 30, 2004 – “Toothfish pirates : There’s gold in them there thieves”
… The Bounty Hunters would get a proportion of the fine and penalties given by the court. …Is it a good idea …?

The Age Newspaper, Australia, January 29, 2004 – “Fishing pioneer says pirates ‘strip-mining’ toothfish”

MercoPress, Uruguay, January 27, 2004 – “Maya V: Uruguay waiting for official Australian report”


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MercoPress, Uruguay
, December 19, 2003 – “Viarsa trial postponed”

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ABC Online – 7:30 Report, Australia, November 17, 2003 – “Fishing crews do battle with toothfish pirates”

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The Age, Australia, November 8, 2003 – “Moves on fish pirates scuppered”

ABC Online, Australia, November 8, 2003 – “Antarctic watchdog black-lists pirate fishing vessels”

MercoPress, Uruguay, November 4, 2003 – “Viarsa crew must stay in Australia, says magistrate”

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SARTMA, August 27, 2003 – “Caught in the Net”
Merco Press, South Atlantic’s News Agency, August 27, 2003 – “Viarsa 1 is close to capture”
COLTO Media Release, August 14, 2003 – “Was the Uruguayan Government Tricked? COLTO alleges toothfish pirates falsify satellite vessel monitoring position data”
COLTO Comunicado de Prensa, 14/08/2003 – “¿El gobierno uruguayo engañado? COLTO alega que los piratas del “toothfish” falsifican los datos del control satelital de posicionamiento de un pesquero”
Joint Ministerial Media Release (Australia), August 13, 2003 – “Hot pursuit of fishing vessel continues as Australia renews call for Uruguay to cooperate”
COLTO Media Release, August 12, 2003 – “COLTO seeks support of Uruguayan Government to halt flight of suspected illegal toothfish boat”
COLTO Comunicado de Prensa, 12/08/2003 – “COLTO solicita el apoyo del gobierno uruguayo para impedir la fuga de un pesquero del bacalao de profundidad (“toothfish”) que estaría operando en forma illegal”
Joint Ministerial Media Release (Australia), August 12, 2003 – “Australian patrol in pursuit of suspected illegal fishing vessel in sub-Antarctic waters”


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