2019 Cape Town Workshop

The COLTO-CCAMLR Toothfish Catch and Effort Data Workshop that took place in Cape Town between July 30 and August 1 2019 was another positive collaborative effort between CCAMLR, CCAMLR scientists, and the toothfish fishing industry, and was considered a success by the 35 attendees that participated.  The objectives of the workshop were to improve the CCAMLR catch and effort data collection process, both from an at sea perspective (reducing repetitive entry and collecting data that is not required), and from a scientific and management perspective (reducing potential for errors, and ensuring the necessary data is being collected).

It was concluded that the workshop was extremely useful for attendees, and participants commented favourably on the productivity of this and other focussed workshops that COLTO has held in recent years.

COLTO would like to thank the generous sponsors, the South African Patagonian Toothfish Industry Association, Capricorn Fisheries Monitoring, and OLSPS, for helping to organise the event.

COLTO-CCAMLR Data Workshop – Final report