Ever since its inception in 2003, COLTO has worked closely with scientists, governments and NGOs to improve the status of our toothfish fisheries.  First it was the collaboration of that group that led to the virtual elimination of IUU fishing for toothfish from within national Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs).  At the same time, industry worked together with scientists, governments and fishing gear suppliers to invent Integrated Weighted Line (IWL), which has led to seabird mortality in toothfish fisheries to now be at near-zero levels.

We are firm believers that by the fishing industry collaborating with other stakeholders, real and long standing results can be achieved.

The inaugural COLTO Industry-Science workshop, held in Norway in June 2015, was the most recent collaboration we have been involved in, with key outcomes and projects being developed that will look to solve real challenges our industry is facing.