Amazon targeted in inaccurate toothfish petition

Amazon has been targeted by an online petition saying they should stop selling Chilean seabass (Toothfish).

The “petition” is inaccurate, misleading, and untruthful – and we are doing what we can to work with Amazon to ensure it is removed as fast as possible from all websites and public distribution.

We would like to reassure our customers and all interested parties that the toothfish you are buying, not only from Amazon, but anywhere in today’s market, is coming from legal fisheries that are world leading at protecting Antarctic wildlife such as seabirds, and are overseen within an ecosystem based management regime by scientists and governments from 25 Member nations, in the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). If you would like to get the truth on toothfish fisheries, we would particularly draw your attention to four authoritative websites which debunk the myths listed, including:
Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program
Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR)
National Ocean and Atmosphere Agency; National Marine Fisheries Service
Marine Stewardship Council

Similarly, our own website contains much of the history surround our toothfish fisheries, and the progress that has been made over the past two decades, and why toothfish is one of the leading examples of collaborative, positive, efforts to ensure sustainable, healthy, fisheries for the future.

Some documented quotes from various legitimate agencies in with experts in the field of Antarctic science and conservation include:
• BirdLife International: Regional Fisheries Management Organisations – Their duties and performance in reducing bycatch of albatross and other species: “CCAMLR scored the most highly of the RFMOs in almost all categories. CCAMLR has undertaken a wide range of measures to reduce bycatch in its fisheries, and seabird bycatch has been reduced by over 99%.”
• CCAMLR XXXV Scientific Committee Report: “The Scientific Committee noted the 2014/15 season had the lowest number of bird by-catch mortalities recorded since the beginning of bird by-catch observations in the Convention Area.”

We have written to Care2 Petitions to voice our concerns and requested the petition be taken down. If there are any questions in relation to this petition, or anything else related to toothfish that you may want to know, we would be happy to assist.

Kind regards

Richard Ball