COLTO congratulates CCAMLR

The Coalition of Legal Toothfish Operators (COLTO) congratulates the member states of CCAMLR, their delegations and support teams, as well as the many Government and Civil Society groups who have worked unremittingly and assiduously to achieve the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea.

The achievement of consensus was a difficult and complicated matter, and represents a milestone in the history of the Antarctic Treaty System, and more particularly, for CCAMLR. This victory for the cause of conservation owes much to the diplomats and scientists, informed by many other inputs, in illuminating the scientific issues, and developing mutually acceptable solutions based on rationality and good will.

And COLTO salutes the leadership of CCAMLR, who have provided a critical example of what can be accomplished in resolving difficult matters affecting international interests.

The membership of COLTO will continue to remain fully engaged in CCAMLR and the support of policies and practices reflecting the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Richard Ball