Southern Seas – beautifully captured imagery

Two photographers, Nicolas Gasco and Paul Tixier, have each spent years of their life in the Southern Seas, off the Crozet and Kerguelen Islands. For months, on boats that were totally on their own in the latitudes 40° and 50° South, and they came back with unique wildlife pictures from these remote and unknown regions. Among these pictures, killer whales playing in the huge swell of the stormy seas or hundreds of albatrosses making their way through the strong winds will bring you deep into their mysterious world.

They want to share these pictures with people through a 128 pages book of photography, the first of its kind. Other than a simple testimony from few days spent at sea, this book shows pictures from the experience of a lifetime.

The book is available in English and French and will be published in late April 2016, but you can pre-order now at a special price of 30 Euro and get it signed with additional goodies (post cards and prints)!!

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