9th February 2012: International Sustainability Unit reports

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, established the International Sustainability Unit to facilitate consensus on how to resolve some of the key environmental challenges facing the world – such as food security, ecosystem resilience and the depletion of Natural Capital.

The ISU’s Marine Programme was initiated to help strengthen consensus around the best solutions for the sustainable management of wild marine fish stocks, and to catalyse action in pursuit of these through partnerships between the public sector, the fishing industry, the wider private sector and NGOs.

The PCISU has released 3 reports that highlight some of the positive aspects to come out of the fishing industry in recent years and COLTO members and their toothfish fisheries (aka Chilean Sea Bass) are evident in all reports – namely for the significant reductions in IUU activity and sea bird mortality.

Click below for links to the reports:

Towards Global Sustainable Fisheries: The Opportunity for Transition

Fisheries in Transition: Fifty interviews with the fishing sector

Towards Sustainable Fisheries Management: International Examples of Innovation